What does Kalamana mean?

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The name KALAMANA stems from two concepts of the Hawaiian Huna tradition. Huna is a Hawaiian term for “secret” – the practical application of this concept is a method for personal growth and achievement.

KALA means “there are no limits, everything is possible“. Of course there are certain physical limits (such as different levels of light, frequencies of sound) which make it possible for us to experience the world – those are the limits we actually need to navigate our lives.
However, most limits are built from our ideas and beliefs. You’ve surely encountered them: “I’m not able to do xxx”. “I do not know xxx”. “I am not xxx enough”. Those beliefs limit our creative potential and don’t allow us to become the best version of ourselves. To realize and – more importantly – let go of these limitations are at the core of  KALA’s application.

MANA signifies “all power comes from within”. We are the architects of our own fortune – there are no limits to this.  Modern psychological concepts of perception share a similar take on this: We experience our environment through our own eyes. Each one of us defines and decides how we’re going to react to the things that we perceive and are exposed to in life.

To me the combination of the two ideas mean the following: You are carrying infinite power within you – embrace it and live a free, powerful, and creative life!

Why I chose a name related to a Hawaiian tradition? Hawaii has cast a spell on me – turquoise waters, the greenest green I’ve ever seen, juicy fruits, and bright sunshine: Hawaii offers everything I could ever ask for in a piece of this earth. Aside from that Hawaii is representing destruction and creative energy at the same time – waves and wind erode the islands, while lava creates new land- Shiva and Shakti in a very geographic sense.

Hawaii is my favorite place on this planet – I feel connected to myself and the world, and maximally inspired.
I hope I can pass on some of that inspiration on this site!