Yoga is a discipline with long standing tradition. At the same time, yoga has constantly evolved. In my workshops and training courses, I integrate the latest findings from sports science and medical research. I offer modules for 200h and 300h trainings in which we focus on specific regions of the body (e.g. shoulders and upper extremities, spine and core) and translate the latest findings into yoga asanas.


Almost everyone has heard of fascia by now. Fascia has not always been as popular as it is today – over the last century, our understanding of fascia has developed at a rapid pace – not least thanks to technical developments in medicine and biology. How are fasciae structured? What are their functions? How are fasciae connected to the nervous system? And what can we do for vital fascia? In workshops and teacher training courses on this topic, we find answers to precisely these questions in theory and practice!


Breathwork is definitely on vogue these days – and yet there are some myths about breathing techniques making the rounds still. My workshops and training modules in this area combine knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of breathing, current research findings and traditional and modern breathing techniques to give you a well-founded overview of this powerful practice.